About Me
Valeria Ochoa

The Coffeetable is a visual journal run by me, Valeria, a full time undergraduate student of literature and coffee enthusiast.

I combine my passion for experience and the human condition to mark a destination for stories of people, travel, food/drink and art. My experiences working alongside people of different cultures, art activists and musicians has led me to develop an acute sense of aesthetic and appreciation for creativity.

When I'm not scouring the streets of New England or New Yorks' busy boroughs you can find my head buried in a book and furiously typing away at my keyboard--as promised by the university gods. When I feel like avoiding all responsibilities I'll occasionally post selfies or obnoxiously tweet.

I've created this blog to serve as a safe space, where people can sit down with a cup of coffee and read local shops, news, restaurants and find solace in other people's stories. Make sure to head over to Let's Talk to read healthy and positive methods to deal with not so positive things. 

As always, keep shining bright. 

xo Valeria Ochoa

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