soo... what now?

I recently watched a documentary discussing the history of recurring police brutality and dominance in the United States. There are countless documentaries, studies, books, websites and information dedicated to exposing the injustices and corruption in the American jus...

“Goodbye My Funding”Ian Frazier’s commentary on economics coupled with his witty humour made reading a confusing yet fulfilling read. Funding, funding, funding. By the end of this article I left disoriented and confused about what this word even means anymore. He uses...

 This summer, while basking in all its smoldering glory and spending my days lounging, I decided to work on a zine, focusing a bit on Latinx identity and to raise awareness on said identity. 

Hope you enjoy! xo

Life is a constant motion of learning, failing and learning again.

Developing a healthy and well-rounded relationship with ourselves--mind, body and soul should be our top priority.

We must work to protect our energy, keep our personhood vibrant and our souls intac...

As I am listening to Pwr Bttm and doing an outline on Tolstoy's, "What is Art?" I wonder and question what Tolstoy would think about this queer punk band who tells the gender binary "fuck you!" through the use of verbal art (as Tolstoy would put it) and copious amounts...

do the ribs hold the womb

does the tiger transform 

is it natural to open a woman

for she may never blossom como la flor

the sweet nectar from your lips drip from my chin to my chest 

warming my bosom

scattered fragments of a silent crest

 together at last 

says the sun t...

As a self-proclaimed bibliophile growing up in an age of technology, I find great pleasure following the Booktube community (Youtube channels dedicated to the discussion of literature). I have been following Booktube for as long as I can remember, yet somewhere along t...

Following the series of emotionally and mentally depleting events of what was 2017, 2018 came into my life riding a different wave. It wasn't precisely negative or positive, rather felt like something I could handle.

This is a year I have full control over. 


Just a few days ago, TIME Magazine named their “Person of the Year,” except… it’s not a person, it’s people. 

“The Silence Breakers,” is what they’re called. TIME dedicated their annual issue that highlights someone/thing that has influenced the most this past year to.....

I’m sitting in the warmest part of my house under christmas lights sharing a pot of tea with Sandra Ochoa. She is not only the most important woman in my life and a SuperMom, but also someone who spent her adolescence in a city full of drug, crime, prostitution and dea...

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