Letter to the Editor

“Goodbye My Funding”Ian Frazier’s commentary on economics coupled with his witty humour made reading a confusing yet fulfilling read. Funding, funding, funding. By the end of this article I left disoriented and confused about what this word even means anymore. He uses the word an exorbitant amount of times, almost to reiterate how prominent and deliberate it is thrown in the faces of young adults. It’s like I’m confused but also completely comprehend it… at the same time. This article was both witty and informative and sincerely pessimistic. “I was walking down the street one afternoon, when I suddenly lost funding. At first, I couldn’t identify what the strange feeling was—a sort of lightness in the right rear pocket, where I kept my wallet, and a chest-tightening deficiency of balance, and a sensation as if all the rubber bands around my bankroll had been cut. Afterward, I learned that adult-onset funding loss often presents in this fashion, but at the time I had no idea what was happening, and I was concerned.” The moment we all lose something we love, money, and all hell breaks loose. Jeez, I mean, Loss of Funding, or L.O.F as dubbed by Frazier, even has a neurological impact on us. We lose money or savings or something materialistic and we go NUTS. This served as a wake up call to future me: do not go insane over money. My mother has always taught me that money is a fluid as the Mississippi river, don’t hold onto it too tightly because it will return to you. I’ve used this advice when I’m on the verge of not buying something I’m in dire need of. But now, this article has me scared. Like, what would happen if one day all my money is gone and I’m alone? Perpetually in solitude and broke. Yup, sounds like the start of a great post-graduate lifestyle. Is the inevitable approaching? Ian Frazier has written about 92% of American’s inevitable doom, hopefully it ain’t mine.

Sincerely your very scared pre-adult,

Valeria Ochoa Vanegas

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