Self Care Reminders

Life is a constant motion of learning, failing and learning again.

Developing a healthy and well-rounded relationship with ourselves--mind, body and soul should be our top priority.

We must work to protect our energy, keep our personhood vibrant and our souls intact.


I grew up with my mother teaching my sister and me to think good thoughts into existence. She read The Secret, a book illustrating the importance and ruling power of the Law of Attraction. What we think will ultimately be what we release into the universe, and that energy is brought back to us.

It is that simple, yet somehow we forget the simplest thing--loving ourselves.

After getting out of a lengthy relationship, I realized my self growth and self love has been stifled by an innate need to better others, putting their needs before my own.

This summer, I taught myself to not disconnect from who I am for others.

I have done a lot of self growth, self realization, and above all, I have been teaching myself more about who I am and loving myself for ME.

As I approach my last year of university and reflect on the past 11 months, I realize this has been the most self-fulfilling year I've ever had.

I am in constant flux; what is life if not a constant evolution of environment, surroundings and relationships.

I know change is difficult to adapt to. We tend to nurture the calm and unmoving waters of conformity, however, without change there is no evolving of the self.

Unfortunately, we can lose ourselves--mind, body and/or soul, in the process of changes.

Self Care is not a one time deal.

Here are 9 Self Care Reminders, read them, internalize them, believe them. Thinking is believing and believing is seeing.

1. Don't Set Yourself on Fire to Keep Others Warm

This is one of my favorite self care quotes, we must remember to protect ourselves before we work

to save others. Our lives are just as valuable.

2. Vent

Find an outlet to express your deep feelings, the good, bad or ugly. For example, I like to write. My

grandmother likes to sing. My best friend likes to run. The key is to find a healthy outlet to release

your emotions. Sometimes venting to someone does just the trick. (Therapy is a great means)

3. Create a Compliments File

Allow yourself positive affirmations by writing them down and reading them when you feel the need

for a positive affirmation.

4. Don't Disconnect from Yourself to Connect with Someone Else

Stay true to yourself.

5. Be Selfish

There is nothing wrong with indulging in something you enjoy. As Donna and Tom would say,

"Treat Yourself!"

6. Fill Your Day with Moments of Mini Meditation

Allow yourself a few minutes every day to sit or lay down, practice your breathing, and clear your

mind of all the stress from the day.


A lack of hydration can cause headaches, migraines and fatigue.

8. Unplug for an Hour

Go outside and receive some sun, go cloud watching, walking or running. If you

9. Take Another Route to Work/School

Mixing up your routine in small ways crates new neural pathways in the brain to keep it healthy.


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